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Supplement Sheet
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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our 2024 bull sale. This year marks 109 years of Baumgartens breeding Herefords and our 21st annual production sale. 2023 was a big year for our family as Rollie and Wendy officially adopted Isaiah and Benjamin, as well as Savanna and Jake welcomed their new baby boy, Colt Hilbert Baumgarten. All four boys here love being involved in daily ranch activities and that makes us more proud than any cattle we could ever raise. Cattle prices are on the rise and look to reach alltime highs in the near future. Now more than ever is the time to invest in high quality cattle and predictable genetics to build back cow herds.

We have always had a philosophy of looking into the future and building a cowherd that benefits us not only for the next year but for decades to come. This is top priority. This futuristic philosophy comes into play every time we choose our next herd sire, which cows to flush, which AI sires we use and cow herd management. This also comes into play in our culling process for high fertility, good uddered cows that wean big calves and stay in good body condition. Quality feet, structure and eye appealing cattle with balanced traits are a must as well. We believe that a cow should work for you not the other way around.

Structural soundness, performance and balance are our top priorities. We want these bulls to sire vigorous calves at birth and wean big, heavy calves. We want them to leave you with cows that are functional, broody and milky while maintaining correct body condition without being pampered. This year’s offering will be as deep in quality as ever. Bulls were cut due to high birth weights and inadequate performance. We feel every animal in the sale has more than adequate structural soundness. If they’re borderline in this quality they are cut. We are proud and humbled with our genetic improvement.

Thank you for considering our cattle and we invite you to come tour our cow herd and bulls any time of year. Please contact us with any questions. Our main focus is for you to feel comfortable and confident with your purchase. Remember the fastest and cheapest way to add pounds is crossbreeding and the baldy cow is the most profitable cow!